the good, bad and ugly of energy

Dec. 12-15

this week’s goal(s):

research and debate the advantages and disadvantages of using fossil fuels, nuclear, biomas, solar, wind, hydropower and geothermal

warm ups:

Monday: define renewable and non-renewable energy

Tuesday: name the renewable and non-renewable energy sources. 

Wednesday: none

Thursday:  no warm up due to test 

in class on…

Monday & Tuesday, students researched the advantages and disadvantages of the resources used to provide usable energy. They are the resources mentioned in the goal of the week. To find a completed list of advantages and disadvantages go to my class notes/handouts/resources page. Under Energy, it’ll be posted. 

Wednesday, students used Eduphoria to complete a 10 question/multiple choice daily assignment using their notes. Afterwards, they prepped for the debate and had fun proving that their choice of an energy source was the best. 

Assginments turned into Mr. Rozsa: warm ups from last week and this one. 

Thursday, students will take their DCA over Energy Resources. 


Monday, none

Tuesday, complete the advantages and disadvantages for each resource for tomorrow.

Wednesday, study the advantages and disadvantages info for tomorrow’s DCA summative.

simple machines #2

Dec. 5-9

this week’s goal(s):

investigate how inclined planes and pulleys can be used to change the amount of force to move an object.

warm ups:

Monday and Tuesdaysimple machines warm up

Wednesday: no warm up due to test 

in class on…

Monday & Tuesday, students worked on their Simple Machines Lab, continually building their understanding of this week’s goal. Answers for the Simple Machines Review are on my Class notes/handouts/resources page. Study it for tomorrow’s summative!

Wednesday, students took their Simple Machines Summative

Thursday, students learned how they performed on their Simple Machines Summative and that the deadline to retake it for up to a 90 is next week Thursday, 15th. Monday, 12th is the deadline for turning in late work: Ants on a Slant gizmo (D) amd Simple Machines Review (D). Afterwards, they will not be accepted and a zero will be assigned. 


Monday, complete the Simple Machines Review(D) for Tuesday, 6th.

Tuesday, complete the Simple Machines Review(D) for Weds. for partial credit and study for tomorrow’s Simple Machines Summative