On shaky ground!

April 16-20

this week’s goal(s):

  • 6.10C. identify the major tectonic plates, including Eurasian, African, Indo-Australian, Pacific, North American, and South American
  • 6.10D. describe how plate tectonics causes major geological events such as ocean basins, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and mountain building

warm ups:

MondayWhich of the following geologic events would most likely occur where two continental plates converge?  Tsunami or Earthquake or Mountain formation or Trench formation

Tuesday: Solve this riddle of identifying the correct Plate, While I am mostly crust under the ocean, I have a small piece of continental crust and can cause a lot of moving and shaking in California. I am found between 150 degrees E longitude and 120 degrees W longitude.

Wednesday:  At which type of plate boundary will a trench most likely form?


in class on…

Monday, students were given time to work on their GKWs and identifying the plates on their tectonic plates map. These two will be their next quiz that’ll be on Friday, 20th.  Both are on my Google Classroom. 

Tuesday and Wednesdaystudents learned to describe how plate tectonics causes major geological events such as ocean basins, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and mountain building. They learned about this information through this presentation, Plate Tectonics: Plates on the Move. Students drew in their notebook, drawings of plate movements & geological events/features.

Thursday, prepared for their DCA, layers and structures of Earth, that’ll be tomorrow.



Monday: complete the Plate Tectonics map and GKWs for Friday’s quiz

Journey to the Center of the Earth

April 2-6

this week’s goal(s):

6.10A. build a model to illustrate the structural layers of Earth, including the inner core, outer core, mantle, crust, asthenosphere, and lithosphere;
6.5B. recognize that a limited number of the many known elements comprise the largest portion of the solid Earth, living matter, oceans, and the atmosphere 

warm ups:


Tuesday, correctly label pictures 1-6 as examples of conduction, convection or radiation using this PDF: heat_transfer_image_sort

Wednesday, Name the elements that make up our Lithosphere: SiAlO CaFe.
ThursdayWhich of the following statements best describes the elements in Earth’s crust?
  • Silicon comprises the largest portion of Earth’s crust.
  • No one element comprises more than 1% of Earth’s crust.
  • Every known element has the same abundance in Earth’s crust.
  • A limited number of elements comprise the largest portion of Earth’s crust.

 in class we…

Monday, students reviewed for their Thermal Energy Transfer Summative that’s tomorrow. The best tools to prepare for this are found on Google Classroom.
Tuesday, students took their summative today. 
Wednesday, we went over their summative. Retakes for this test is to be done by next Thursday, 12th. If students fail, they must see me either this Friday after school or Tuesday before school for tutorial before retaking the test. Students may retake the test during advisory beginning tomorrow through Thursday of next week, after school on Friday or in the morning on Tuesday. To introduce our next unit, we watched this fun trailer to get us thinking and excited about our unit, Journey to the Center of the Earth. Afterwards, they began writing the GKW for this unit into their notebooks using the quizlet found on Google Classroom. They’re to record the word, definition and picture if provided. This will be their notes to be used on Friday’s vocab quiz.
Thursday, students were given their project of building a 3-D model of Earth’s structural layers.  This is a summative that is due Friday, 13th.  The Rubric explaining the details of the project is found on Google Classroom.  Afterwards, students watched a clip called Earth’s interior isn’t quite what we thought it was by Talk Nerdy to Me. It’s a good intro into this unit and can be found on Google Classroom along with numerous other great resources. 
Friday, after taking their GKWs formative for Journey to the center of the Earth, they worked on this fold-able using this PDF, Layers of the earth fold-able


Write the GKWs for Journey to the Center of the Earth in notebook for this Friday’s quiz.
Deadline to improve last week’s summative is Thursday, 12th.
3-D model of Earth’s layers is due Friday, 13th, a summative grade