space, the final frontier

may 14-18

goals for the week:

  1. understand that gravity is the force that governs the motion of our solar system
  2. describe the physical properties, locations, and movements of the Sun, planets, moons, meteors, asteroids, and comets
  3. describe the history and future of space exploration, including the types of equipment and transportation needed for space travel

warm ups:

Monday: The gravitational pull of the Sun affects which of the following properties of the planets in our solar system?

  • Number of moons
  • Chemical composition
  • Speed and shape of orbit
  • Formation of land features

TuesdayThe force of gravitational attraction between the Sun and Jupiter could be increased by reducing which of the following?

  • The mass of the Sun and Jupiter
  • The distance between the Sun and Jupiter
  • The speed of rotation of Jupiter
  • The amount of radiation put out by the Sun

in class on …

Monday and Tuesday, students watched a couple of short clips, one on life on the ISS and another one people who built our solar system to scale. We didn’t have much time due STAAR testing today and tomorrow. Here’s a great clip Space Rocks, on the differences between comets, meteors, meteorites and asteroids. Check it out!


Asteroids, Comets and Meteors is a daily grade, due Friday,18th. 

Space Trading Cards is a summative grade, due on Friday, 25th.