Journey to the Center of the Earth

March 25-29

this week’s goal(s):

build a model to illustrate the structural layers of Earth, including the inner core, outer core, mantle, crust, asthenosphere, and lithosphere;
recognize that a limited number of the many known elements comprise the largest portion of the solid Earth, living matter, oceans, and the atmosphere 

warm ups:

Monday, what elements make up the core?
Tuesday, name the layers of Earth and one fact about each.
Wednesday, Which of the following models would best represent the inner and outer core of Earth, based on the physical characteristics of each layer?
  • A metal ball bearing (solid) suspended in oil (liquid)
  • Gelatin (red semi-solid) on top of a cracker (brittle solid)
  • A ball of clay (solid) filled with water (liquid)
  • Rubber ball (flexible solid) painted red (thin solid covering)
Thursday and Friday, Which of the following best describes Earth’s asthenosphere?
  • Liquid rock that can reach the surface
  • Solid rock that is broken into plates
  • Dense rock that moves the crust
  • Metal rock at the center of the Earth

 in class we…

Monday, students were reminded of their 3-D model of the earth that’s due this Friday, 29th. It’s a summative grade. Click on this PDF for details, Build a Model of the Earth. Afterwards, students began working on this PDF called layers of the earth foldable. They’ll finish it in class tomorrow. To assist in finding out the information use the Structure of the Earth Resources found on my Google Classroom and/or the picture below. In my Google Classroom, open the only PDF link. Towards the end of the PDF, a picture of a completed foldable is visible. This foldable will help with the model and a formative that’ll be given this Friday.
Tuesday, students finished up making their foldable and then watched this short video clip, Earth’s interior isn’t quite what we thought it was
Wednesday, students are wrapping up layers of Earth. We watched this fun video clip Earth’s Layers. Afterwards, they read this article Rdg Science: Layers of the earth and created some notes in their notebooks about each layer based on the article. Then we discussed their findings.


3-D model of Earth’s layers is due Friday, 29th, a summative grade